Creative Arts for Children
A Preschool in Magnolia Village


At Creative Arts Preschool we believe that young children thrive in a safe learning environment that respects their unique developmental needs. With teacher facilitation and support during play, along with exposure to developmentally appropriate materials and activities, children develop an understanding of their world. They learn to solve problems, take risks, gain confidence and self-esteem, and develop empathy. These skills and attributes are the building blocks of social relationships, well-being, and future school success.


Our curriculum at Creative Arts Preschool is based on the idea that children create and construct their own knowledge. We use the children’s interests to develop themes and ideas for activities in which the children create, explore, and learn through art, music, creative dramatics, and children’s literature. We support the children’s social development with teacher facilitation and through modeling, role-playing, and positive guidance techniques.